Household Survey

This is part of a series on the Industrial Training of Students on Zanzibar by Spatial Collective. You can read parts one, two, three, four, five, and six here.

One of the topics covered during the training was on using mobile phones to collect data on households. The goal was to introduce the students to mobile data collection and to teach them how to interact with community members while conducting a survey.

KOBO software was used for data collection and some of the data collected were:

  • building type, material, structure, roof, building levels, condition, and age
  • how many people – adults and children – live in the household
  • does the household have a drainage connection
  • does the household have a sanitation connection
  • does the household have an electricity
  • does the household have a water connection
  • how does the household get rid of the waste
  • has the community experienced flooding recently
  • has the household experience flooding recently
  • what were the main causes of flooding

The survey was carried out in one of the most flood-affected areas of Zanzibar Urban West. A few visualizations of the 2,300 households surveyed are displayed below.

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