Summary of the work completed so far on Zanzibar

In June, we signed the contract for the work on Tanzania Resilience Academy. Shortly after that, on June 16, we visited Zanzibar where we met the Resilience Academy team, reviewed the venue and equipment, discussed the plans for the training, and organized logistics for our team.

In July, we prepared a Curriculum for the Industrial Training and wrote the Inception Report. We again visited Zanzibar on July 18 to review the documents with the team on Zanzibar and worked out the logistics for the training.

After that, the team took a short summer break for two weeks but early by August, we were back in the office. We purchased all the necessary equipment and Justus and I relocated to Zanzibar for at least a couple of months.

The Industrial Training started on August 20. Approximately 50 students were introduced to mapping theory and best practices during the first week of training, and on Thursday, August 22, we organized a stakeholder meeting to determine the mapping themes and the scope of the mapping exercise.

After the initial week of theory, the students spent the last three weeks in the field collecting data and updating OpenStreetMap of the Zanzibar Urban West. By the end of week four, we will have mapped (collect information on basic public amenities) almost 40 shehias (wards) in the city.

The work continues…

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