How the Earth got blown to the Heavens in Mathare

Graffiti in Mathare

The Map Kibera crew was just about to leave Mathere after the meeting with the representatives of Rebel Film Board, and while waiting for a Matatu to take us back to town a freakish tornado appeared out of nowhere. The wind first started blowing as a gentle breeze coming up from Mathare slum. The breeze started picking up speed and with it dust and sand. And then all of a sudden, from behind the building on our right, a massive burst of wind came from the opposite direction of Eastleigh. It was a head on collision of winds which got entangled in a crazy dance for prevalence, creating an opportunity to take some cool photos and all the dust of the slum (and God knows what else) to settle on our lungs.

From Mathare


From Eastleigh


More Dancing


The End
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